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When Do You Need a Managed Services Provider?

Businesses typically approach the question of hiring a managed services provider with the question of “Do I really need one?”.

All forms of managing information technology hardware and software issues reactively is referred to as “break-fix”. This is the simple process of fixing something when it breaks.

The alternative to break-fix is a more proactive approach to managing your computers/printers/digital communication and work productivity equipment. Managed IT Services are the industry standard for this. We will go through a comparison of the two options to better help you decide when the right point is to transition from break-fix to managed services.

The break-fix IT service model works exactly how it sounds – something within your IT infrastructure breaks and you either fix it or buy a replacement yourself or call your provider to do the same.

How Break-Fix IT Services Works

  • You have an IT problem, i.e. no internet connectivity, computer gets a virus or hardware breaks.

  • You report the issue to your IT service provider or internal person in charge of this issue.

  • Attempts are made to fix the issue internally or a technician is dispatched onsite to your office or location to work on the issue, or they will work on the problem remotely.

  • The technician or employee diagnoses the cause of the problem.

  • The problem is resolved internally or by your provider, and you are billed for the work performed.

Will the Break/Fix Model work in your business?

The break/fix IT service model is acceptable if:

  • You have a dedicated IT department in-house or you have a tech-savvy person on staff that can handle majority of the IT problems you do have.

  • Your organization rarely faces IT / technology issues.

  • You have free cash in your equipment maintenance budget to account for each issue as they come up.

With Managed Services, your IT network is actively monitored 24/7 and issues are addressed before they become a headache. Managed Services are proactive or preventative IT maintenance & support.

How Managed Services Works

  • An IT problem occurs.

  • Your IT service provider is notified by the monitoring software before the problem occurs, or the moment an issue arises.

  • A technician promptly reviews the alert & begins to diagnose the issue – without any need for action by the business.

  • The issue will either be resolved remotely (if possible) or you will be notified of prompt and timely onsite visit.

Should you go for Managed Services?

Managed Services is ideal for companies that want:

  • Predictable, fixed monthly fees for IT service & support.

  • Easy access to IT professionals that can provide help or answer tech questions.

  • To maintain a low risk for down-time that could negatively impact their business.

  • To outsource their IT department so they can focus on their business.

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